SG60KTL String Inverter


 SG60KTL inverter, 3-phase string inverter without transformer, is a crucial unit in the PV power system. Inverter is designed to convert the direct current power generated from the PV modules into grid-compatible AC current and feeds the AC current to the utility grid. 


 Grid Support 


  •  LCD display Human-computer interface for viewing of the running information and parameter configuration.
  • Electrical Include DC terminal, AC terminal ad RS485 connection area communication terminal. 
  • Handles Handles are designed for transporting, installing and disassembling the inverter
  • PE second terminal Specified in EN 50178, user can connect this terminal as per requirements. 
  • Air outlet Controlled forced-air cooling method. Ensure well ventilation. 
  • Hanger Hang the inverter to the backplate. 
  • Fans 3 fans used for inverter forced cooling 
  • DC switch Protective components to safely disconnect DC side 


Inversion function 
Inverter converts the DC current into grid-compatible AC current and feeds the AC current into grid. •
  • Data storage and display 
Inverter achieves the running information, fault records and etc. and displays them on the integrated LCD display.
  • Parameter Configuration 
Inverter provides various parameter configuration for inverter optimal operation. 
  • Communication Interface
Standard RS485 port, can be connected to monitoring device and PV system 
  • Protection Function
  1. Short-circuit protection
  2. Ground insulation resistance detection
  3. Inverter output voltage monitoring
  4. Inverter output frequency detection
  5.  Residual current protection
  6. DC injection of AC output current surveillance
  7. Anti-islanding protection - Ambient temperature monitoring
  8.  DC over-voltage protection
  9. Over-current protection
  10. Power module over-temperature protection


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